The FoodLAND consortium, together with its supporting advisors, represents a unique European-African partnership with leading Universities, research institutes, NGOs, private businesses and organizations, civil society, authorities, and other actors and stakeholders. This comprehensive and fully integrated consortium brings together an interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral team that has in-depth knowledge (both theoretical and practical) of all aspects of the topic the FoodLAND project aims to deal with. It includes partners who are at the forefront of plant breeding, agronomy and hydroponics, integrated aquaculture, bio-engineering and ICT, climate-smart farming and storage, food sciences and technology, human nutrition and dietetics, agri-food economics and policy, behavioural economics, environmental economics, marketing, agricultural and processing extension, communication, and IPR management.

The 28 partners in FoodLAND give a strong basis for cutting-edge science to enable action, bridge the gap between science and impact, and cover the entire value chain. Specifically, in each of the six target countries the consortium brings together local researchers, NGOs, and innovative SMEs, while the Advisory Boards involve local food retailers, producers’ and consumers’ associations, and authorities.

In addition to the Consortium, the FoodLAND network also involves qualified local and international organizations, both public and private, as members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SCAB) and Stakeholder Advisory Boards (STAB).


Research partners

Partners for agriculture/aquaculture promotion and sustainable development in Africa

Small and medium-sized companies in the food sector

Industrial partner

Communication and IPR management partners