The University of Nairobi is constituted by six colleges one of them being the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS). The University of Nairobi staff is comprised of members of relevant professional bodies, and researchers are engaged with communities in finding and implementing solutions that are relevant to the problems or interest of communities. For example, the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology of the university has been involved in incubation of Small and Medium Enterprises; as part of some completed projects.

Role in Foodland

  • The University of Nairobi is the institution in charge of WP2, related to consolidate knowledge of Pan-African consumers’ food behaviours and diets, such as consumers’ food choices, nutritional status and imbalances, and socio-economic conditions.
  • Additionally, the University of Nairobi is testing some suitable technologies for fruit juicing and extraction, that are being used to formulate novel and enriched food products, such as baby food and therapeutic food. A specific initiative will be led by the University of Nairobi to validate the effect of a fruit juice product on the health of adults living with diabetes. In the same way, it is leading a task devoted to validating the effect of a quinoa enriched new food product on the growth of children aged two-six years. (WP4, WP5)
  • The University of Nairobi is involved in almost all the tasks that comprise the project. (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6).