This section compiles the results that are being produced in FoodLAND intended to have public dissemination: Practice abstracts, Publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations in conferences





Massawe B.H., Moisan L., Semu T., Nchimbi-Msolla S.

Effects of biodegradable mulch films in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) performance: On-station trials

Proceedings of the 3rd SUA Scientific Conference on Enabling Environment in Agricultural Transformation.
Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 22 No. 2 (2023): Special Issue

22 Jan 2024

Piras S., Kuhfuss L., Nchimbi–Msolla S., Mokhtari N., Kisakye J., Setti M.

How to promote adoption of sustainable innovations by African smallholders? A randomised controlled trial approach

Book of Abstracts of the LIX Annual Congress of SIDEA – Società Italiana di Economia Agraria. Articolo No. SIDEA2023_228

September 2023

E. Chae, A. Kipyegon, A. Migliorisi, A. Santillán, A. Dwivedi, E. Carloni, C. R. C. Mohanty, C. Demottaz, D. Portocarrero, D. van Moorhem, N. G. di Fiore, E. van Selm, E. G. Adeleke, F. Dadvar-Khani, F. Tonnarelli, G. Raj Joshi, C. Giordano, H. Shenavaee, I. Kramer, I. Laurente, J. van der Weg, L. Torrejón, M. Delgado, M. Appenzeller, V. M. Govigli, M. Probst, L. Mulazzani, N. Urakami, N. Harikishan, O. Gerson, P. Peláez, P. Brouwer, R. Córdoba-Hernández, R. Poblet, M. Setti, S. Kulshrestha, S. Dasgupta, S. Vishwanath, W. Van der Voort

Case study 14: Africa (Multi-country): FoodLAND (Food and Local Agricultural, and Nutritional Diversity) Project, Multi-actor centres of innovation for urban and rural food systems in selected African Countries

September 2023

Piras S., Barlagne C., Clement J., Mokhtari N., Thabet C., Tura M.

How does health–related information impact willingness to pay for olive oil? An incentivised lab experiment among Moroccan and Tunisian consumers

Book of Abstracts of the LIX Annual Congress of SIDEA – Società Italiana di Economia Agraria. Articolo No. SIDEA2023_228

September 2023

Kahsay, H. B., Piras, S., Kuhfuss, L., Setti, M., Marini Govigli, V.

Understanding Inconsistencies in Risk Attitude Elicitation Games: Evidence from Crop and Fish Farmers in Five African Countries
DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.4534187

August 2023

Piras S.

How innovation can support smallholders’ food security in north and east Africa

March 2023

Ogenrwoth B., Akumu G., Mugisha J., Muyonga JH.

Nutritional status research in Uganda: A critical review and trend analysis
DOI: 10.18697/ajfand.113.22340

Oct. 2022

Lazzarini C., Bendini A., Valli E., Mokhtari N., Elfazazi K., Gallina Toschi T., Nchimbi-Msolla S., Setti M.

Flavoured olive oils by co-milling of olives, black pepper and orange fruits pomace: compositional characterization, sensory properties and sustainability aspects

15-17 June 2022

Marini Govigli, V., Setti, M.

Encouraging behavioural change and innovation to boost the diversity of local food systems in Africa: the EU project FoodLAND

InnovAfrica 2021 Conference

12-13 October 2021

Robinson F., Hunter S., Hoevenaars K., Bardocz T. and Setti M.

FOOD and Local, Agricultural and Nutritional Diversity

Aquaculture Europe 2021 Conference

4-6 October 2021