This section compiles the results that are being produced in FoodLAND intended to have public dissemination: Practice abstracts, Publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations in conferences





Ogenrwoth B., Akumu G., Mugisha J., Muyonga JH.

Nutritional status research in Uganda: A critical review and trend analysis

Oct. 2022

Lazzarini C., Bendini A., Valli E., Mokhtari N., Elfazazi K., Gallina Toschi T., Nchimbi-Msolla S., Setti M.

Flavoured olive oils by co-milling of olives, black pepper and orange fruits pomace: compositional characterization, sensory properties and sustainability aspects

15-17 June 2022

Marini Govigli, V., Setti, M.

Encouraging behavioural change and innovation to boost the diversity of local food systems in Africa: the EU project FoodLAND

InnovAfrica 2021 Conference

12-13 October 2021

Robinson F., Hunter S., Hoevenaars K., Bardocz T. and Setti M.

FOOD and Local, Agricultural and Nutritional Diversity

Aquaculture Europe 2021 Conference

4-6 October 2021