The National School of Agriculture in Meknes (Morocco) is a public institution of higher education in agriculture with administrative and financial autonomy. There are as many as 500 students of whom 67% are women and 10% foreign students from Francophone African countries. Up to 2018, nearly 3,500 agricultural engineers have graduated from ENAM.

The human resources include 210 personnel of which 60 are faculty members. Research activities are conducted within the framework of the national strategy for enhancing agriculture, conserving natural resources and improving competitiveness of Moroccan agriculture.

Role in Foodland

  • ENAM is leading the tasks of selecting, specifying and orienting the most appropriate technological solutions the Food Hubs will develop (WP 3), and subtasks related to precision irrigation and fertigation systems and precision protection systems, whereby smallholder farmers will have analytical and advisory measures to protect crops and, at the same time, minimize the use of sprays, fertilizers, and pesticides, reducing wastage of water (WP 4).
  • ENAM is contributing to almost all the tasks that comprise the project (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6).