Elhuyar Fundazioa (Spain) is devoted to the popularising of science and technology and the development of the Basque language. Elhuyar Communication Unit offers high-quality communication services in line with customers’ needs. Although it is specialised in subjects relating to science and technology, it can work comfortably in any field.

In the field of gender equality, Elhuyar helps and advices private and public organizations in achieving equality facilitating processes. In order to do so, Elhuyar does diagnostics and equality plans, it also helps these entities to implement and evaluate their policies and plans.

Role in Foodland

Elhuyar has a multidisciplinary team working at FOODLAND, where the communication unit and the Gender Equality team are involved. Elhuyar has the leadership of WP6, related to networking, communication, dissemination, and exploitation, in which it will work with a dual role: on the one hand pro-actively ensuring the gender perspective in all the tasks of such WP, and on the other by developing the main communication and dissemination tasks.