The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) is the apex body for guidance and coordination of all agricultural research activities in the national agricultural research system of Uganda. It is comprised by16 semi-autonomous public agricultural research institutes, one of which, the National Fisheries Resources Research Institute – Kajjansi Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (NARO-NaFIRRI-KARDC or NARO-KARDC), is the one participating in FOODLAND. NARO-KARDC is thus the national headquarter of aquaculture research in Uganda.

Role in Foodland

National Agricultural Research Organisation is leading the task devoted to the development of intensive-extensive aquaculture integration technology for rural and peri-urban areas, and is contributing in the rest of the tasks related to the aquaculture of the project. Additionally, National Agricultural Research Organisation leads the development of a fish smoker for rural area, and investigating the best processing option. The implementation of best management practices at aquaculture pilot sites is also led by this organisation. (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6)