Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SCAB) comprises a group of strategic stakeholders with broad experience in the issues of the project. The Advisory Board will ensure that an effective exchange of knowledge within the scientific external environment could be achieved. The role of the Advisory Board is entirely advisory to the consortium members.

The organisations that are part of the FoodLAND Scientific Advisory Board are listed below, together with the member in each organisation that is participating, and his/her field of expertise.


Member of the SCAB: Dr. Florence Nakayiwa
Field of expertise: Interdisciplinary

Institute of Health Carlos III (ICIIII)

Member of the SCAB: Dr. Estefania Custodio
Field of expertise: Nutrition


Member of the SCAB: Prof. Philippe Petithuguenin
Field of expertise: Interdisciplinary


Member of the SCAB: Dr. Carla Barlagne
Field of expertise: Economics