The University of Mekelle, Ethiopia, is one of the 50 public universities, i.e., state owned institutions of higher education in Ethiopia. It has now obtained an international reputation for teaching and research, built based on the win-win strategies with various national and international institutions. The university is also recently recognized as having the highest publication impact among African universities. In relation to patent portfolio and spin-off, the UoM ET has business incubation centres especially in relation to engineering and technology (manufacturing) as well as MSE.

Role in Foodland

  • The University of Mekelle is the institution in charge of WP3, related to producers’ behaviours, agro-biodiversity and food diversity.
  • The University of Mekelle is leading the tasks related to consolidating knowledge of Pan-African crop and fish supply chains, that is performed through interviews and lab-in-the-field behavioural economic experiments with crop and fish small-scale farmers and local food processors (SMEs). This purpose is related to the network of Food Hubs that will be developed in the project, which creation and implementation is also led by this partner (WP3).
  • The University of Mekelle is involved in all the tasks that comprise the project. (WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6).