The James Hutton Institute (UK) is an international interdisciplinary centre for research into food, energy and environmental security developing and promoting effective solutions, including integrated operational land management under global change. The James Hutton Institute coordinates, or is a partner in projects on land use, agriculture, and communities in Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia, among other countries. The team of the James Hutton Institute working on FoodLAND belongs to the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Department, and consists of agricultural, rural, and environmental economists.

Role in Foodland

  • The James Hutton Institute leads the task related to behavioural economics research on producers’ preferences and choices (WP3 – T3.2) and the one related to innovation validation and the exchange of results across the network of Food Hubs (WP5 – T5.9).
  • The James Hutton Institute is contributing to the task on behavioural economics research on urban consumers’ preferences and choices (WP2 – T2.2) as well as some other the tasks in WP2, WP3, WP5 and WP6.