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FoodLAND Production

Several technological innovations (including new tools, processes and products) are being developed, adapted and validated together with local smallholder farmers and processors, both for farming systems and for food processing systems.

FoodLAND’s Food Hubs

FoodLAND’s 12 Food Hubs spread across the five African countries bring together a community of local operators who aim to share R&D decisions and enable the adoption of innovations.

FoodLAND’s work in the aquaculture field

FoodLAND is implementing the most advanced aquaculture technologies in Tanzania and Kenya with simple, low investment methods to achieve a break-through in rural and peri-urban fish farming.

FoodLAND in Ethiopia

Haftom Kahsay, from the Mekelle University in Ethiopia, explains the objectives FoodLAND has for analysing producers’ and consumers’ behaviours. He also describes the challenges they are facing.

FoodLAND in Morocco

Khouloud Samaki, from the National School of Agriculture in Meknes (ENAM), cites the main activities they are conducting in the two areas they have selected in Morocco for FoodLAND. She also emphasises the gender perspective, an essential topic in FoodLAND.

FoodLAND in Tunisia

Wafa Koussani, from the Tunisian National Institute of Agronomy (INAT), summarises the specific objectives of FoodLAND in Tunisia and the new market opportunities that FoodLAND will create on the local and global scales.

FoodLAND in Uganda

Dr. John Muyonga, a partner from the  School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-Engineering of Makerere University in Uganda explains the work that is expected do carry out at the three Food Hubs they have established in FoodLAND 

FoodLAND in Tanzania

Dr. Emmanuel Lubango Ndetto, from the Dept. of Physical Science of the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania explains the specific objectives FoodLAND will address at the Food Hubs in this country

FoodLAND in Kenya

Dasel Mulwua, a researcher at the Dept. of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology of the University of Nairobi, explains the general objectives of FoodLAND in Africa and particularly in Kenya.

FoodLAND surveys with consumers in Morocco

FoodLAND African partners are conducting surveys with rural and urban consumers, in order to consolidate knowledge of consumers food behaviours and preferences related to their diets.

FoodLAND commitment with farmers in Morocco

ENA Meknès met with farmers in Morocco, to conduct surveys, training and other sorts of activities, for a better understanding of their difficulties and needs.

ENAM women’s day

ENA Meknès organised a conference in honour of women on the occasion of 8 March 2021 under the theme: “Rôle de la femme dans l’amélioration de la diversité alimentaire”. This video summarises this event.

ENAM testing behavioral economic experiments with students

ENA Meknès have done a test with students, to check the methodology of the behavioral economic experiments.