One of the most active universities leading and participating in European research and academic cooperation projects, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (Italy) has formed knowledge alliances with industry and public/private organizations. It is a hub of international networks. Beyond its close European links, it enjoys multiple connections with America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In Horizon 2020, UNIBO is so far involved in 181 funded projects (46 as coordinator) with more than 71 ML Euros of funding. In the framework of the Societal Challenge II – BioEconomy and related- initiatives, UNIBO is currently coordinating 4 projects (CIRCLES, OLEUM, PROVIDE & TROPICSAFE), and committed as a partner in 28 agri-food projects (4 under BBI JTI, 24 under SC2) with a total EU contribution of over 11M€. Moreover UNIBO is involved as partner in 3 projects under SC5 on agri-food waste.

Role in Foodland

  • As project leader, UNIBO is coordinating and supervising the project research and innovation activities to be carried out according to the work plan. It is in charge of WP1, related to the management and coordination of the project.
  • UNIBO is contributing and supporting in all yhe tasks that comprise the project, and it is leading several tasks apart from those relative to WP1, including the ones relative to technological research in the primary and secondary food processing systems, such as centrifugation, filtration, and clarification, and bio-based packaging; the task related to the characterization of the lab-scale tested raw materials, ingredients, and food products, as well as the innovation pilots and validation of those technologies and systems (WP4, WP5); and the one aimed to establishing a cluster of projects involved in the EU-Africa R&I Partnership on FNSSA (WP6).