Agriculture is about more than mere productivity, just as food is about more than intake
Local varieties/species and farming systems to develop novel raw and processed food products

Novel food products to meet producers’ and consumers’ motivations, needs and choices

Health conditions will be improved, smallholder farmers and food processors empowered and rural areas and ecosystems will benefit

6 AFRICAN COUNTRIES, two of them in Northern Africa, and four in Eastern Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

12 OPEN TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS for crop and fish farming and food processing, tested, implemented and validated together with local smallholder farmers and local food processors, both to strengthen nutrition-responsive agro-biodiversity and boost their capacity.

4000 INNOVATOR FARMERS will benefit from the project, by participating in the research activities of developing, implementing and validating the innovations.

14 FOOD HUBS, paired with 14 cities. Food Hubs will be the organisational and operational frameworks where will join together local smallholder farmers, food processors, authorities, researchers and NGOs.

17 NOVEL FOOD PRODUCTS, ranging from fresh, dried and processed vegetables and fish to composite flours and therapeutic foods, enhancing balanced, healthy diets, and contributing to the reduction of malnutrition.


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