The second and last day of the FoodLAND Annual Meeting was devoted to the technological research activities planned for FoodLAND. Participants went into detail about all aspects surrounding their own activities, and each research partner shared its status regarding all the systems to be developed during the project for farming, primary processing and secondary processing.

According to partners’ reports, almost all tasks are in the initial stage. The planned activities have been shared, and, in general terms, further workshops, training and meetings are foreseen for every specific area and task and subtask, to be ready to start the research activity. Aquaculture, for example, is one of the fields that has developed most, as they have even identified the 400 farmers that are going to be involved in the activities. Other tasks, however, are in a more preliminary phase, but all are making progress.

Apart from updating the state of the activities, this meeting has served to identify a number of needs that some partners have, which will be used by partners in charge of developing the innovations to adapt them to these needs and requirements.

The forthcoming months are going to be intense, as activities involving external participation of consumers and farmers will continue, with a big amount of surveys and experiments to be conducted.