On this 8th March, we would like to highlight that the promotion of equality between men and women is at the heart of the FoodLAND project and the Gender Mainstreaming Board was created to guide it towards the goal of equality. This board is made up of women from the six African countries involved in the project: Khouloud Samaki (Morocco), Anissa Hannafi and Mme Asma Souissi (Tunisia), Wambui Kogi-Makau (Kenya), Gertrude Atukunda (Uganda), Dismas Mwaseba (Tanzania), and it’s coordinated by Elhuyar.

These women are the guardians of equality in each FoodLAND member country, who are in charge of including the gender perspective in the development of our project. Thank you for your commitment and for helping us look at the reality with gender glasses, for helping us learn more about women farmers’ specific realities and for making us think about how to include their needs and their voice in the project.