FoodLAND field work photo gallery

Experimentation with consumers in Tunisia

Surveys with producers in Tunisia

Agronomical practical training focusing on the recommended agro-ecological farming practices in Kamuli (Uganda)

Mapping out the key actors for Nakaseke food hub (Uganda)

Interviews and experiments with farmers (Kenya)

Preparation for community entry at Kitui county (Kenya)

SUA surveys (Tanzania)

Training of enumerators in Nyeri (Kenya)

INAT test of the experimental protocol with engineers (Tunisia)

ENA Meknes pilot with consumers (Morocco)

CEFA survey with farmers (Tunisia)

ENA Meknes survey with farmers (Morocco)

ENA Meknes pilot with farmers (Morocco)

Inception meeting of the FoodLAND project in Kamuli (Uganda)

Visit to a potatoes crop - ENA Meknes (Morocco)

Visit to onion cultivators - ENA Meknes (Morocco)

Visit to olive harvest and processing - ENA Meknes (Morocco)

First meetings with local farmers, stakeholders and consumers - Nakaseke Food Hub (Uganda)