On 8-10 May 2024, the University of Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW) annual event was celebrated, where fraternity and other interested parties showcased their innovations. The University of Nairobi FoodLAND partners were privileged to be part of the conference exhibitors.

The FoodLAND project exhibited five products; tree tomato Juice, tree tomato powder, bio-based packaging, pamphlets and posters on quinoa enriched products. These novel food products are currently at an experimental stage awaiting efficacy validation.

A total of 117 persons visited the FoodLAND stand, and they were impressed with the innovative products, evidenced by their statements; “Ooh I didn’t know you could make juice from tree tomato”; “This is such an innovative idea”; “This juice is good for diabetics; it surely contains no sugar; could you sweeten it for persons with no blood sugar problems?”

For FoodLAND partners, the exhibition at the NIW was “a total success and a great opportunity to disseminate information on products developed under FoodLAND”.