On 4 and 8 April 2023, the FoodLAND partner AquaBioTech Group visited the aquaculture-related facilities and activities that have been established in Kenya and Uganda as part of the project.

During the visit to the facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (which is also a FoodLAND partner) in Kisumu, Kenya, they conducted some fieldwork, exchanged views and discussed future plans.

In Uganda, AquaBioTech visited the Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC) of the FoodLAND partner NARO in Kajjansi, aiming to combine fish-farming technologies with low-investment methods to promote integrated aqua-agriculture and fight the malnutrition problems in rural and peri-urban regions. At the facility, they had the chance to see the extent of NARO-ARDC, their numerous research projects and future opportunities. As AquaBioTech is the coordinator of the Aquaculture Working Group of FoodLAND, NARO-ARDC presented the progress made so far and discussed the future activities in the project.