The FoodLAND partner AquaBioTech Group is expanding its experience and the outcomes it is reaching in aquaculture techniques.  The company’s Business Development Director George Mantas has participated in different meetings and forums for this purpose. On the one hand, he visited Ghana on a trade delegation in January 2023. This was a multi-sector business mission and aimed to provide Malta-based businesses with the opportunity to expand into new markets or grow existing business relationships, where he highlighted the work they do in the FoodLAND project.

On the other hand, in February, he attended, together with the Marine/Fisheries Biologist colleague Dr Imane Haddi, the Salon Helieutis conference in Morocco. The FoodLAND project was incorporated into the ABTs exhibition stand. This gave the exhibitors the opportunity to discuss the goals and outcomes of the project with attendees that visited the exhibition. The conference hosted 50,000 visitors from 49 different countries.