One of the FoodLAND project partners at The National School of Agriculture of Meknès (Morocco), Mister Aziz ABOUABDILLAH, PhD Professor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, and a PhD Student in the implementation of advanced technologies in precision agriculture, Amine IBN DAHOU IDRISSI, have created a mobile app for Precision Irrigation, along with another PhD Professor and PhD student.

The app is called “IrriSmart” and is a smartphone application that provides a simple management tool to accurately manage localized crop irrigation in a timely and reliable manner with regular monitoring. The app has won the grand prize at an international competition “The Agrobiodiversity Innovation Challenge 2021”, organized in Roma back in November 2021. 

In the framework of FoodLAND, this irrigation system will be used and several experimental tests will be performed to improve the algorithms of this initiative that will help improve Agriculture in Africa and support farmers in their decision-making process related to precision irrigation.